Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good To Know

In our "Good To Know" section we have something about caring for our soap. Now, you might think: "why? soap is soap", but actually not, there are different qualities of soap; most commercial bars have fillers and hardeners (among other things) to compensate for the cheap quality of the ingredients. Our soaps are made with oils pure enough to eat: olive, coconut and palm, we do not need to put any other additives; if you let our bars sit in water they will melt faster, if on the other hand, you make sure to let them air dry nicely, and harden in between usage, they will last a long time (our soapstone and cast iron soap dishes are designed for this purpose).

The difference is significant; that is good to know when you are purchasing quality. The details! It's all in the details!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


People often ask me what my favorite soap is. I have learned over time to name 3, but in the early days of our shop, I'd get confused, name one then another and a 3d and a 4th only to finally admit I loved them all. I just didn't want anyone to miss out on all the wonderful and diverse scents. I would of course confuse my customer, who was by then just as clueless as they were to begin with. Time has taught me to say: "My favorite is the Red Desert but most people's favorite is the Lemongrass with Oatmeal and the Sweet Almond is another great favorite".

The dilemma with the "favorite" is that favorites can change according to mood or season or both. For instance while the Red Desert may be my constant favorite, in the summer I love the smell of the Vanilla & Pomegranate. I find the combination so refreshing and compelling; is it the warmth, the longer days? Who knows? But the sweeter scents suit me more in summer than winter. Then there are the combinations of different bars; I love combining the Peppermint & Tea Tree with the Cinnamon & Orange. I stick the two bars together in the shower and something about the astringent peppermint with the warmer cinnamon and slightly sweet orange loosens my shoulder and neck muscles and gives me such a sense of contentment!

Having said that, scents are so personal that what appeals to some doesn't appeal at all to others, or like Patchouli you either love or hate it with no less than a burning passion! Ah yes the passions that smells evoke! And the memories! But I digress. Certain bars are loved accross the board like Lemongrass with Oatmeal or Sweet Almond, I call those the "unanimous favorites". Then there are the bars like the Basil & Cornmeal that are amazing, cosmetically excellent and relaxing to those who think too much, but those bars get so much interference from all the scents in the store that many customers pass them by until they take one home and discover it there, where the bar becomes a favorite, I call those the "unexpected favorites".

So favorites, yes, short and definitive or long and convoluted which one's yours and why?