Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sugar Loaf, A State of Mind

Our Hamlet Historian, Richard Hull, maintains that Sugar Loaf is a state of mind. By examining the hamlet's history from its inception to the present day, he points out repeatedly how the United States was built from small communities such as this one; no matter what the hardship, we soldier on through thick and thin, by adjusting to what necessity calls for.
What I do observe since the hamlet's revival in the 6o's to the Artisan village it is now, is longevity. Indeed, many have been here well over 30 years, some about to celebrate their 40th anniversary, others their 25th or 15th; we held fast and adapted to an ever changing economy. Sugar Loaf may be a State of Mind, what is for sure, is that it is a Tradition and in the words of so many customers: " It is worth the trip!".