Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes It Works!

A year ago I wrote about our All Natural Insect Repellant, and I find myself a year later, having to write about it again. One, because the winter having been so mild out here in the East, the bugs are back with a vengeance and two, because: Yes It Works!
So what is it about a handmade product compared to an industrial one that makes the consumer hesitate?
What are the possible disadvantages of an all natural insect repellant like ours?
1) It is in an oil base, so it is "oily".
2) It has a scent.
3) You need to reapply it if you are spending hours outside and are sweating.

What are the advantages of an all natural insect repellant like ours?
1) The scent of the essential oil blend repels insects and the insects do not develop a tolerance as they do to pesticides.
2) The oil base is very good for the skin and is readily absorbed by the skin.
3) As long as you emit the scent of the essential oils, bugs will not bite you, even though they may be flying around.
4)It is harmless and can be used freely on children and infants.

So all things considered, it is a no brainer. Try it, see for yourself.