Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Your Best Interest At Heart

Whether it is the "Gold in the Jar", quality of ingredients, reliability, or having your best interest at heart, I am describing the key elements that define the service of small business. This is what makes the difference between small business and big businesses where there is nobody home, nobody to answer the real questions and no real accountability.

People have been coming for years to our Sugar Loaf store, not just for the consistency in quality, but for advice, answers and a sense of connectedness in a world starting to lose its humanity. Our service cannot fail, because it involves our heart and soul, our small business is not about numbers and shareholders. Our responsibility will always be to our customers not to some absentee owner.

Think about it next time you buy: in a world of cause and effect who would have your best interest at heart?

Our New Product: Hand & Body Cream

So we finally came out with our new product! The Hand & Body Cream, a cream to complement the Bath and Body oil and the Balms. As with the rest of our products this cream is scented only with the finest pure grade essential oils and all the ingredients are plant based.

Most people are used to creams as opposed to balms, and even though the balms we make penetrate deeper into the skin, this cream is extremely emollient without being greasy, it has a velvety consistency and is a must for this summer's moisturizing along with our All Natural Insect Repellent (because it works, remember?). The scent is light and refreshing something for both genders, and will not interfere with another perfume, but rather enhance it (the beauty of essential oils!).

Time to check it out, and try it!