Sunday, August 29, 2010

Walk for a Cure Fundraiser: Breast Cancer

"One in seven" is the statistic for breast cancer today. Pretty frightening right? It makes you wonder what has changed so much in 2 generations for there to be such a dramatic increase in the statistics? I think it is safe to say that all of us know someone (possibly ourselves) either close or not so close, but we all know someone who has undergone or is undergoing the gruesome conditions of this illness.

The Artisan Hamlet of Sugar Loaf NY, is sponsoring an individual in her Avon: Walk for a Cure Fundraiser, Sunday September 5th. For this event we have created a special soap: it is an oval vegetable glycerine soap scented with aromatherapeutic oil of rose. 33% of the proceeds on the sale of this soap will go to this fundraiser.

Many stores in the Hamlet will be making products specifically for this event. Come and give your support, visit us next Sunday September 5th! See the Sugar Loaf website for directions. (see "links" above)

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