Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome to Rosner Soap, Our Story.

Twelve years ago we opened a soap store in the artisans community of Sugar Loaf NY, since then every week a customer asks us: "How did you start making soap?", here is the story:

One day walking in a lively city street we happened upon a beautiful store that looked like a bakery but was actually a soap store, Yaron and I simultaneously looked at each other and said: "We can do this!". We asked the lady working there : "How do you make soap?", a question we now need to answer everyday, and from there on the soap making started for us.

In 1998 after living many years abroad, mostly in France, we decided to return to the USA. We began looking for a community where we could maintain the quality of our family life and make a living. We sought something that would combine and express our strengths and desire, to create beautiful and healthy products. Yaron has a background in photography and design and mine is health and natural medicine. Upon deciding to return to the USA, a friend told us about Sugar Loaf, a small hamlet not far from New York City, where artisans and artists live and work all year round.

Sugar Loaf was so small that at first we couldn't see it on the map, when we finally found it, we fell in love with the authenticity, the rustic look of the houses and the eclectic mix of people. Sugar Loaf seemed to offer the quality of family life we were looking for.


  1. Ran across your site and blog and thought you had the cutest little shop. Just had to mention it in an article I was writing on our soap making and aromatherapy blog.

  2. During Oktoberfest 2014, I wandered into your store, and I'm SO glad I did. For the last 5 years, I've been trying to find a soap that will lather nicely, get me clean, and rinse off completely: I have OVERLY softened water. I purchases 2 glycerine soaps, orange and grapefruit, and now I can't wait to take showers. It lathers, smells terrific, but most importantly, it rinses completely off and doesn't leave the slimy film residue every other soap has. Big thumbs up. I'll be making regular trips there and/or getting online. Thank you!