Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Gold In The Jar

Nowadays the outer appearance of what you sell is more important than the actual product inside. In fact, the idea is the more you pay for a product the more value you must be getting and the packaging must give that impression.

In most cases your over packaged/over sized jar contains only 2oz of actual product. In addition the active ingredient (if there is one) exists in a tiny quantity, probably not enough to do much, but who cares? The package is so pretty and makes me feel good! Next is our willingness to believe that the cosmetic industry has our best interest at heart; why should we think any other way?

So what I would like to say is that our packaging is simple, which is our philosophy, and simple is also beautiful, but more than that our packaging carries no pretense. Our content, however, is amazing. We have so much more active ingredient in each of our products than any of the big companies on the market, you are actually getting much more for you money.

Those of you who have tried our soap and realized the difference between regular soap and our soaps, will in all likelihood feel the same about our body care products.

There is no secret; what is made in smaller quantities with far less overhead is of much higher quality. My personal favorites are the Restoring Balm and the Body Scrub which I also use on my face. Check it out!

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