Friday, April 8, 2011

"Does It Work?"

In our Sugar Loaf store customers will look at our Insect Repellent and many ask: "Does it work?". I imagine that question stems from having used a natural insect repellent which didn't work, or again from this incredible confidence we seem to give the pharmaceutical/chemical industry. They may wonder: "If there is no pesticide how on earth can it work?".
Well, my answer is that the world did not wait for the Petro-chemical industry to repel bugs!

As many of you know we are great believers in the benefits of essential oils. Certain essential oils have been used to repel insects for millennia, all across the world. We have selected five essential oils for their insect repelling qualities, geranium, citronella, basil, cedarwood, lemongrass, and put them in a wonderfully moisturizing base of sweet almond and safflower oil.
If you are someone to whom mosquitoes are attracted, (as they are to me), you will be far less attractive to them; they may fly around you but they will not land on you or sting you. If you are gardening or hiking and sweating you will need to repeat applications, but you can it's harmless!! And NO there is no deet. And the answer is YES our All Natural Insect Repellent works! Try it, see for yourself! Would we sell it if it didn't?

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