Friday, April 15, 2011

The Small Things

Thirty years ago I found myself working in the cafeteria of a college in Phoenix, Az. A young woman worked there with me, her name was Rotunda, and ironically she was definitely rotund. I was already very health conscious back then and one morning upon seeing her eat some kind of Fruit Loop or Lucky Charm cereal, I asked her how she could eat that "stuff", to which she very candidly replied: "Because it makes me happy!" (with rising intonation). I was so taken aback by her sincerity there was nothing I could say.

I have often thought of Rotunda's reply to my judgment filled question and asked myself: "What makes me happy?", inflection on the "me". Well aside from a beautiful day and the scent of lemons, there is nothing like a shower with a silky smooth bar of my soap scented as if by miracle. Something I enjoy even more when I travel and take my soap with me.

It is in those small things, like a bowl of cereal, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sight of blossoming magnolias, or a really good bar of herbal olive oil soap that we find the comfort to move on; those small things keep us going until the big things straighten out, if they ever do.
What makes you happy?

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