Friday, April 29, 2011

The Plant That Never Stops Giving

So we have this great product called an "Ayate Cloth" that so many of you visit on our site but are not sure what to do with. I thought I'd explain a bit further for the curious.

Ayate is the name given to this very strong fiber which is taken from that beautiful huge plant we all think of as a cactus even though it is not, it is actually a succulent and is known as agave or century plant. It is native to Mexico even though we see it in all mediterranean climates, (thanks to the Spanish conquistadores). Now aside from being the plant that never stops giving, because it will provide you with food, drink, clothes and tools, the woven fiber is an all safe mildew resistant body exfoliant, but more importantly it is the only facial grade exfoliating cloth I know of, even for fair skin types.

Once wet the weave tightens and softens, the result is a stimulating and smoothing effect on the skin. It is very pleasant to use and will never smell like a washcloth can... It is also very durable and one Ayate Cloth will last you a good year. For those of you who like to put everything in the laundry, it is also machine washable!

We carry it as a simple wash cloth and also as a mitt with a sponge inside. As summer approaches and you want to revive your winter looking skin, give the Ayate Cloth a try, I think you'll enjoy it, and remember : you can use it on your face as well!

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